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Short and Sweet

Two organic cantaloupes for $3 dollars is what our Savvy Organic Shopper found when she went into her local Whole Foods Market today.

Safe and Sound

Although our Savvy Organic Shopper is used to finding organic products for a good price, great deals never cease to amaze her.

Wildly Affordable Organic

Here, Linda Watson, author of Wildy Affordable Organic, helps demystify product labels and offers

The Better Buy

Our Savvy Organic Shopper was browsing www.OrganicItsWorthIt.org for some vegan recipes when she stumbled upon an amazing cauliflower casserole dish.

The Right Mix

Our Savvy Organic Shopper recently went to the Brattleboro Vermont Co-Op in search of red wine with which to make sangria. While there, she found a bottle of organic red wine for $12.00.

A Smooth Move

Our Savvy Organic shopper decided to make up a batch of smoothies for her family to enjoy while they were on vacation at Niagara Falls.

A Quick Fix

Our Savvy Organic Shopper recently went to Publix in Jacksonville, FL to pick up a quick dinner for her kids.

A Little Boost

Although this week marked the official start of summer, our Savvy Organic Shopper was feeling a little blue. Her yearly visit to see her old college roommate in St.

The Perfect Pint

Over the weekend, our Savvy Organic Shopper had a hankering for one of her all-time favorite food combinations: fresh blueberries served up with a little heavy cream.  She didn’t have any blue

Sealing the Deal

Cherries are among our Savvy Organic Shopper’s favorite summertime foods.  She was pleasantly surprised, then, when she found organic cherries on sale for just $4.99 per pound at Trader Joe’s